• Conference Scope

    Biomanufacturing, defined as the design, fabrication, assembly and measurement of bio-elements into structures, devices, and systems, and their interfacing and integration into/with larger scale structures in vivo or in vitro, is an emergent domain integrating life science and engineering principles.

    CIRP, the World Academy for Production Engineering, plays a key role in this area promoting multidisciplinary research towards the development of medical and welfare devices and systems for improving quality of life and reducing global healthcare costs.

    The CIRP-BioManufacturing conference (CIRP-BioM) is designed to be an international forum to discuss progress and future directions in biomanufacturing, and to facilitate the exchange of information on bio-inspired design, bio-fabrication, and bio-mechatronics. This Hong Kong and Guangzhou conference is preceded by the 1st CIRP-BioM in Tokyo (2013), the 2nd in Manchester (2015) and the 3rd in Chicago (2017).


    The conference focuses on , including but not limited to:

    • Biofabrication (materials, fabrication processes, surface treatment, etc.)
    • Biomechatronics (sensors, actuators, systems, metrology, etc.)
    • Bio-inspired design and assembly (modeling, design, interfaces, etc.)
    • Biological manufacturing process and equipment
    • Biological tissue/organ chip
    • Implantation/intervention/cutting instrument design and manufacturing
    • Medical robot
    • Biomechanics
    • Biological functional structure surface and internal topology
    • Nanopore biosensor and manufacturing
    • Biological additive manufacturing

    The official language of the conference is English

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